Serious solutions.

Advisor objectivity.

Unbiased expertise.

Year after year, SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC helps clients build successful financial foundations by providing investment advisory and portfolio management services.  We help individuals and organizations achieve their tangible and intangible goals with:

  • passive portfolio management utilizing indices and low cost instruments focusing on broad & deep diversification;
  • professional strategies that include written & flexible yet stable, investment polices that keep us focused during volatile times in the markets; and
  • operating with minimal conflict of interest from vendors with proprietary products and agendas, not influenced by media driven information, and not prone to chase performance.

SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC primary goal is to provide the opportunity to achieve the best risk-adjusted return for each client.  In an effort to succeed Advisor will gather client information and current positions, develop and implement financial strategies, monitor investments, review and rebalance on a predetermined basis.  This process provides each individual client with an honest, competitive, comprehensive solution.

Regardless of the services you require, you can be confident that SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC will help define a professional course of action designed to help you succeed.

Serious solutions
Passive portfolio management

Passive portfolio management utilizing indices and low cost instruments focusing on broad and deep diversification.

Advisor objectivity
Professional strategies

Professional strategies that include written & flexible yet stable, investment policies that keep us focused during volatile time in the market.

Unbiased expertise
Operating with minimal conflict of interest

We operate with minimal conflict of interest from vendors with proprietary products and agendas, are not influenced by media driven events and information, and are not prone to chasing performance.


Align your finances with your life's purpose to experience authentic abundance.

Just as you invest your time into what you think is most important each day, your finances should be invested and allocated based on what is most important as well.  Instead of only thinking of your money as a way simply to earn more and accumulate things, think of it as a vehicle to reflect what your true values in life are.

Passive Investment Strategy
Financial markets are efficient

As free market prices fully incorporate available information, price change will ultimately reflect all unexpected new information; therefore the current price is the best estimate of a fair price.

There has always been and will always be many investors, and financial service professionals, who try to make money by timing the market or picking just the right stock or fund.  But for nearly half a century, studies have shown that asset allocation policy, rather than individual security selection or market timing, is by far the most important determinant of total performance.

Market timers have to be “right” an extremely high proportion of the time in order for their strategies to work over the long run.  Furthermore, with transaction costs, taxation, incorrect timing, and incorrect market calls, it becomes almost counterproductive.

Basic Principals of MPT
Maximize return for given level of risk

Harry M. Markowitz developed the basic underpinnings of asset allocation theories that are commonly accepted today.  In the 1950s he demonstrated that it was possible to construct a portfolio of risky individual stocks that was less risky than any of the individual stocks comprising it.  He also showed that by utilizing the advantage of covariance one could build a portfolio of securities that would provide maximum return for any given level of risk.

Asset allocation, diversification
Various classes with many investments per class

To diversify investment dollars among various asset classes in such a way as to minimize overall risk and enhance return.

As a commonly used term today, means purchasing a number of investments within a single asset class to minimize risks and enhance overall return.  In addition, you would diversify among many different sub-categories of equities.  With regard to fixed income, the same concept is taken into consideration with regard to different sub-categories, domestic/international, corporate/government, qualities, and types of debt issuers.

Indices, ETF's, mutual funds

Index ETFs and mutual funds differ from actively managed funds, in which the manager attempts to “beat” the market’s performance, which often comes with higher fees and taxes.

ETFs combine popular features of both mutual fund, in a grouping of stocks (equities) or bonds (fixed income).  Similar to an individual stock or bond, you can buy and sell an ETF while the corresponding market is open.

ETFs are managed by experienced portfolio managers who aim to ensure they are efficient at it’s intended purpose. Seeking to closely match the ETF’s benchmark index, and minimizing any potential distributions.

ETFs make it easy to invest in a wide array of markets, whether broad like the S&P 500, in niche sectors, or targeted to a specific goal.


Spahr Financial Group LLC practices passive investment strategies and asset allocation by focusing on broad & deep diversification while employing multiple investment styles. Advisor uses written & flexible yet stable, investment policies that provide guidance during volatile times in the market. By primarily utilizing index funds or ETFs Advisor operates with minimal conflict of interest from vendors and companies with multiple agendas. Advisor is NOT prone nor likely to chase performance and is not influenced by media driven information flows, which are generally sensationalistic and short term in nature.


Registered Investment Advisor

SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC (SFG LLC) is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of California , providing investment advisory and portfolio management services. SFG LLC specializes in index and passive investment management, primarily deriving its investment strategy from Modern Portfolio theory and Efficient Market theory, and utilizes Indices, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, as well as Individual Equities & Bonds.

We have a long track record of commitment to our clients. By providing quality portfolio construction and asset allocation programs we help investors achieve their goals.

Brian L. Spahr, CFP® – Certified Financial Planner 

NAME: Brian L. Spahr, CFP®
CFP® PRACTIONER: CFP® certificant indicated to the CFP Board and that he is a practicing planner
BUSINESS ADDRESS: 18682 Beach Blvd. Ste. 235, Huntington Beach CA 92648
PHONE NUMBER: (714) 963-5000
CERTIFICATION DATE: 02/01/2001 through 02/28/2021


Professional Investment Advice

SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC provides advisory services to Individuals, Trusts, Corporations, Private and Public Institutions. Advisor will generally provide investment advice to the following types of account registrations including but not limited to: Individuals, IRA, SEP-IRA, Simple-IRA, 401(k), UTMA/UGMA, Pension/Profit Sharing Plans, Corporations or other business entities.

SFG LLC primary goal is to provide the opportunity to achieve the best risk-adjusted return for each Client. Advisor accomplishes this by reviewing both written and verbal risk data survey which includes but is not limited to time horizon, risk tolerance, age, projected retirement, financial position, annual income, cash flow analysis. After discovery and current client position have been reviewed, Advisor will complete the Investment Policy Statement design, construct and implement diversified asset allocation portfolio model and provide ongoing monitoring, review and annual rebalance, if required.

SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC (SFG) is an CA registered Investment Advisor. Information pertaining to SFG’s advisory operations, services, and fees is set forth in SFGs’ current Form ADV Part 2 (Brochure), available upon request.




Officer Profile

Brian L. Spahr, is the Founding Principal of SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC. He holds a current designation as a Certified Financial Planner from the Board of Standards. He has successfully completed multiple NASD and state registration examinations and is a Member of the FINRA NASD Board of Arbitrators. He is experienced in Comprehensive Financial planning since 1992 and has over 27 years of portfolio management experience.

Brian L. Spahr is licensed as a Resident Insurance Producer for Life Agent and Variable Contracts with the State of California and has multiple appointments for Insurance planning (Life, Health, Disability, Group Medical Insurance) and other ancillary services. For any services or transactions with fixed Insurance products, not being transacted through Spahr Financial Group LLC, Brian L. Spahr may be paid a commission or depending on scope of services a fee.

CFP: Certified Financial Planner, # 067804, 2001

NASD – Series 7: General Securities, Registered Rep., 1992
NASD – Series 24: Registered Principal, 1992
NASD – Series 4: Registered Options Principal, 1992
NASD – Series 63: Uniform Securities Agent, 1992

CA DOI, Resident Ins. Producer: #0C59068, Accident And Health/Life-Only/Variable Contracts, 1999

Member, FINRA Dispute Resolution, Board of Arbitrators: A14915


You can be confident that SPAHR FINANCIAL GROUP LLC will help define a professional course of action designed to help you succeed.

Brian L. Spahr, CFP
Registered Investment Advisor, CFP©

The key to longevity has been our ability to remain transparent & honest while providing competent, professional advise.


Spahr Financial Group LLC is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California.


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